School Package Data Protection Policy

The following data protection policy is regarding schools who are using our ‘Browser Management Package’, ‘Editor Management Package’ or ‘Schools and Charities Hosting-only Package’. If you are ensure if this applies to you, please contact us at [email protected]. For more information about how this website collects your data, please see our Privacy Policy

Our role in your data

At De Beer Digital Ltd we act as Data Processor for your school. This means that all the data you send us remains your property and your responsibility, even after it is uploaded onto your website.

We will do our best to check content for copyright and policy compliance, as well as general safeguarding principals. At times we may email back to query certain uploads when we’re not sure. However, you will be responsible for ensuring that all content uploaded to the website falls in line with your own internal safeguarding procedures and policies. You are responsible for ensuring copyright-compliance.

All content uploaded to the website will remain your property, but also your responsibility.

How we store your data

The data we store tends to fall into two broad categories: Client Contact Information and School Website Marketing Material

Client Contact Information

This is information that allows us to carry out our service to you. We collect the following information about our clients:

  • Email Adresses
  • Names
  • Positions and job titles
  • Telephone numbers

This information is stored in our finance software: Free Agent; and in our Customer Management and Ticketing Software: Hiver.

We will keep this information for up to 6 years after our last business dealings with our clients, in order to be able to reference them for legal and accounting purposes.

School Website Marketing Material

As part of our management packages, you may send us marketing material relating to your school, this data may include the following:

  • Pictures of staff and children
  • Videos of staff and children
  • News Articles
  • Letters

In order to carry out our services to you, we may need to download this information onto our computers. This type of information will only be stored on our computers for as long as is needed to carry out our duties, and all staff members will delete any information on their personal computers at the end of the work day in which the task was completed.

You will be asked to send any marketing material to our team email address (team[at] The email address is managed by Google Workspace and any emails and subsequent attached material will be stored by Google. Emails and attached marketing material will be retained for 2 years. Schools may request for data to be deleted sooner, and we will comply with any such requests.

Some clients will send content to us via WeTransfer. Any data transferred via this medium is subject to WeTransfer’s data protection policies and De Beer Digital bears no responsibility for how this data is processed and stored.

De Beer Digital Ltd manages several YouTube channels on behalf of our clients. Any videos uploaded to YouTube are subject to YouTube’s data protection policies. De Beer Digital Ltd is not responsible for content uploaded by us to our client’s YouTube channels.

Upon request, we will upload data to your website. In this circumstance we act as a data processor and any data on your website is your responsibility. It will not be removed by us unless requested in writing. When we receive a request to delete data, we will ensure to remove it from the website the same working day. However, data will stay in our backups for up to 30 days afterwards.

Steps we take to protect your data

Staff training

All of our employees take part in yearly GDPR training, and have to pass an exam in order to continue working for management package clients.


We understand that the data sent to us can be considered sensitive, especially due to the nature of schools. All of our employees will undergo a basic DBS check before undertaking work with schools. We also hold yearly Child Online Safety Awareness courses.

UK Based Data Storage

Our hosting servers are operated and managed by, this is a UK-based hosting provider with Datacenters in the UK.

Additionally, our accounting software is Free Agent, a UK based accounting software package.

Our third party data processing partners

  • Free Agent

Free Agent is our accounting software. We use this to store client information. Information may be stored for up to 6 years after our last interaction with you.

For more information, have a look at Free Agent’s website.

  • Brixly UK
  • Hiver
  • Google
  • Panda Doc